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Goldfinch offers steam based or thermic oil based evaporators. Steam based evaporators are preferred as it is economical and no fouling.

Goldfinch has successfully designed, installed and commissioned many Thermo Vapour Recompressor(TVR) based evaporators. We have successfully designed thermal based evaporators for many process based effluents and also RO rejects.

Goldfinch has successful installations for salt recovery plants as well.

Many of our evaporator installations are for complicated and challenging wastewater streams involving mixtures of various salts. Also in some of our installations Multiple Effect Evaporator is preceded by Solvent recovery systems for the removal of low volatiles.

Our Evaporator systems are followed by suitably designed Agitated Thin film Dryers (ATFD) for drying of the concentrated liquor if required.

Goldfinch has its own Inhouse manufacturing facility for fabrication of Heat exchangers.

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