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Zero Liquid Discharge

Goldfinch has designed and executed many Zero Liquid discharge (ZLD) projects for various kinds of challenging effluents.

The recycled wastewater is being regularly used as cooling tower make up, vessel washings and sometimes as process water also. We have also installation where the recycled wastewater is used as Boiler feed.

The typical ZLD schemes comprise of Bio – ETP followed by RO. RO reject is evaporated in evaporator. But as in case of high TDS effluents, the ZLD schemes comprise of Multiple Effect Evaporator upfirst. The condensate of MEE is then treated in Bio – ETP followed by RO. The RO reject is then recycled back to MEE in closed loop. 

Goldfinch has successfully designed and executed ZLD projects for speciality chemicals, API, paint effluents etc.

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